Winter is OVER! (A Summery Shoot, in March)

Hi Readers!

I hope this week has been nice and sunny for you. It’s been stormy here, and so I’d like to share some summery photos with you. I actually shot these last month (yes, I did a summer shoot in March! Can’t even tell, can you? ;))

I’ll post the photos first, then give a brief explanation of the shoot.
I’ve also posted a Before & After photograph at the end.

This shoot was a lot of fun! Sheleah and I had been talking about doing a balloon shoot for quite some time, so I’m happy we were finally able to.

The model for this shoot was Stephanie, who is a complete sweetheart (she even brought me a gift!) She didn’t complain once, despite having to wear dresses in the cold March air.

The team was so great- They car pooled to my house (we shot in my backyard) and offered to pick up the balloons on the way. I have to admit that I’m glad I wasn’t there for the transportation of the balloons- 3 of them popped during the drive (I would have had a mini heart attack, I’m sure.) I did, however, get to watch a funny video on Sheleah’s phone of the girls trying to fit the balloons into the backseat of the car.

My lovely hair and make-up artists were Sheleah of SJB Makeup Artist, and Alyssa of AMP Hair. Sheleah got these awesome sunglasses for us to use, and brought all of her fun lipstick colors. Alyssa perfectly created my vision of the hair bow, and also came up with the innovative idea of using bobby pins to anchor the balloons to the ground.

Thank you, ladies! I appreciate your dedication and helpfulness. 

A few things I learned during this shoot:

  • Helium balloons are freaking expensive!
  • They also don’t last long (they were on the ground later that night…)
  • Blue skies in March just don’t happen very often.
  • The sound of popping balloons is terrifying to me.
  • White iPhones are popular.

I also wanted to share a Before & After with you! My intention was to give these a 50’s feel.

Thanks for viewing!
Much love on this rainy Wednesday night,

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2 thoughts on “Winter is OVER! (A Summery Shoot, in March)

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that they came across that way. 😀
      Shooting summer in March wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done!
      I appreciate your comment! 🙂

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