Photography Tutorial: How to Create a Levitation Photograph (Part 2!)

Earlier in the week, I posted a tutorial on how to create a levitation photograph. Along with the photograph I already posted about, I also created this one:

Here’s how I did it:
First, I set up my tripod and camera (I took these shots in my backyard). I set my focus and settings to manual, so they would stay consistent for the series of shots I took. I used a shallow depth of field because I wanted the background to be nice and blurry. Once I had the focus where I wanted it, I stepped into the frame and posed myself holding the first teacup. I used my wireless remote (which is hidden in my other hand) to take the photos.
t0I took a series of shots of myself holding the teacup, and the one above was my favourite. I knew I wanted to have flying teacups in the shot, so I wanted to make my hair defy gravity as well. I then took a series of shots of myself flipping my hair into the air, like this:t1
Of course, they turned out absolutely ridiculous! That’s okay though, I only needed to use a small section of this photograph. I took part of the hair from this image, and edited it into my first image, like so:
The next step was to take the photo of the teapot. I took multiple shots while pouring tea from the spout (I ended up pouring tea all over my legs at one point!)
I thought the above shot was particularly hilarious. (I’m glad that my mom wasn’t around to see that I had borrowed her favourite teapot and was playing around outside with it!)
Once I had a shot of the teapot that I liked, I erased myself from the image, and added the teapot to the original image. Like this:
The next step was to photograph the floating teacups. To do this, I took photos of myself holding a teacup at various angles/depths of fields. In the following image, I put together two photos to show you how I did this. I left the focus on manual because I wanted some of the cups to be out of focus.
In Photoshop, I erased my arms from the photos. I then surrounded the original image with cups of varying sizes and depths of fields:
Once I was happy with the flying cups, I changed around the tones of the image until I was happy with it. Viola!

I had a lot of fun creating both of my levitation images. If you are a photographer, I’d recommend trying out one of the two techniques I posted. See what you can come up with! Be creative and have fun with it.

Thanks for viewing! I hope this inspires you to create your own levitation image. 🙂
This image was created for my monthly photography challenge group. If you would like to join the group on Facebook, please click here!

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