The Marie Antoinette Inspired Shoot (my last shoot with Cheri!)

As I recently announced, it is my goal to blog more this year. Therefore, I have an important question for you, my lovely readers:

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I’d like to share some studio images with you.

I actually shot these quite a while ago, in October.


As you can see, the editing isn’t consistent. At all.
My original intention was to edit the photographs in a way that kept them together, as a set. However, I decided to do something completely different with the last image.

For the first two images, I used Lightroom to edit. I have used Lightroom for most of my shoots recently. I have photographer friends who swear by Lightroom, although I’ve always been a Photoshop fan.
For the third image, I wasn’t creating a look I liked with Lightroom, so I decided to play with the image in Photoshop. I am much happier with the results… Although the first two images captured the soft, painterly feeling that I originally intended when planning this shoot, the third image came out fun and totally different. I wanted to create an image that stood on it’s own, away from the other two.

I’m not saying you can’t achieve great edits in Lightroom- You can! I just enjoy the control I feel when I use Photoshop, and the familiarity of it. I have been using it since I was about 14 or 15, and old habits die hard. 😉

My lovely friend Cheri Chung did the hair and make-up for this shoot. I’m really happy I had this final chance to work with her before she moved to Toronto. I pitched the initial idea of doing a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot, and Cheri and I planned the rest together. We were really on the same page for this shoot, and able to trust each other’s ideas completley.

The model is Kelsey from DejaVu Modeling. This was my first time working with Kelsey and she is such a sweetheart! This was a loooong shoot (11 hours, if I remember correctly), and Kelsey was such a trooper.

A behind the scenes shot of Cheri attaching the flowers over Kelsey’s eyes:

This was my first real shoot with my studio light (B800 AlienBee), and I will be doing another one tomorrow!
I’m excited for my first shoot of 2013. It’s going to be a great one!

Thank you for viewing my blog! I hope everyone is having a lovely week. xx


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