Shooting with Lexi – Part 2 (and Happy New Year!)

(Scroll down for the photos.) 😉

First of all- Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and that everyone is excited about the year ahead (I am!)


My boyfriend and I enjoyed a quiet New Years… During which we took some ridiculous portraits for no apparent reason.


Here’s what’s going on:
I kind of fell off the face of the (photography) earth for a while there. I was pursuing other things- I took an 11-week certificate program for Office Administration over the fall/winter. The program was full-time and I actually moved to another city (tiny town) to save myself from having to drive 2 hours every day to attend school. I lived in a motel room for a month and took a break from the real (photography) world to focus exclusively on my program. Needless to say, it left little time for photography or much else.

I’m glad I did it though- I love having the opportunity to further my education, and I hope it will lead to good things. (If anyone is wondering- Photography isn’t my job. In fact, I make very little money from shooting. It is mostly just a hobby/life-consuming-soul-engulfing-fiery passion.)
I have considered trying to make it my full-time job, and it is true that I have made money from it (mostly doing weddings). I don’t know if I could ever make that jump though, I feel like I would be compromising many of the things I love about photography. I like being an artist and having the freedom to create how I want to create. I don’t know if it would be as enjoyable if it were to become my job. True, some people get to do exactly the type of photography they like, and they make good money doing it, but it can take years and years and years to get to that point. In the mean time, I am hoping to find a ‘normal’ job, and do photography on the side.
Also, I think weekends off and benefits sound pretty good. 😉

Okay, here we go:

I am finally posting the sequel to this shoot! 

This was one of my last shoots with Cheri Chung (extraordinary hair and make-up artist) before her big move to Toronto (I miss you, Cheri!)
The model is Lexi L of DejaVu Modeling.

The original plan for this shoot was to do the ‘tall dress thing’- Which was Part 1 of the shoot. However, on the morning of the shoot, my mom’s husband asked me if I would like to use one of his cars for the shoot. At first I kind of shrugged- I don’t know, I don’t really shoot cars.
“You haven’t seen this car yet, have you?” my mom asked me.
Soooo I had a look at the car, and it turns out it’s pretty freaking awesome. It’s a 52′ Chevy, but we now affectionately refer to it as ‘The Mafia Car’.

When the ladies arrived, I announced that I had found us a new prop to work with, and thankfully they were up for it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go- I have honestly never shot with a car before.
It was a lot fun though, and it was nice to try something new.
Plus, the car perfectly matched the villainous look we had going on, and added to Lexi’s character in my mind. (The black gloves in these shots were hers, by the way, and they were also perfect.)

LexiCar1 LexiCar2 LexiCar3 LexiCar4 LexiCar5 LexiCar6 LexiCar7 LexiCar8 LexiCar9

I tend to avoid New Year’s resolutions (I swear I have had the same one EVERY year for the past 10 years with zero luck) but if I were to make a (photography) resolution, it would be to blog more and to increase my online presence. This means I may be doing more personal posts, which I hope doesn’t turn anyone off my blog (don’t worry- I will try and keep my life as interesting as possible, and I promise to include photos.)

PS. I really love to meet people (especially other photographers!) so please, get in touch if you’d like to talk. I would love to view your work, answer your questions, hear your suggestions, see a cute picture of your guinea pig, “Like” your page on Facebook, etc.etc.

Please check out the following links to follow me and my work, and stay tuned- I am going to be announcing a new project very shortly.

Thank you, beautiful readers. Much Love!


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