Shooting with Lexi – Part 1

Happy October! I have a villainous autumn shoot for you!
I am SO happy with these photos.

When I was approached by Lexi to shoot with her and Cheri Chung, I decided to propose this idea to them. I have been wanting to do a ‘tall’ dress shoot for some time. I explained the concept to Lexi and Cheri, and they both liked it- Yay!
I wanted Cheri to do whatever she thought would look best with hair and make-up, and of course she came up with something genius.

Cheri working with Lexi’s hair.

The ‘dress’ was created specifically for this shoot. First, I gave Lexi one of my dresses to wear. I bought this dress for myself for New Years last year, and have wanted to shoot with it- It looked perfect on Lexi. So the lace, top part of the dress in the photos is the actual dress.

Next, we used table cloths and bedsheets to create the bottom part of the dress. Yes, the patterned part of the dress is actually my mom’s favourite table cloth which we use every Christmas (“be careful with it!”)
The black fabric is a curtain which I purchased at Walmart.

While Lexi was eating her lunch, Cheri practiced creating the dress on me. It took her about five minutes to create the look.

Me being stooooked!!

I was so happy that it all came together- It was much quicker and easier than I had been expecting.

The location for the shoot was my backyard. I was inspired by the way the afternoon light came down the hill. I took this Instagram shot one day, and decided I had to shoot here.

Lexi bravely stood on a step stool (this is on a hill), and Cheri quickly went to work creating the dress around her. One thing I love about Cheri is her ability to contribute to every part of a shoot- Without being asked, she masterfully created this look. The dress was perfect, it was exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you, Cheri.

Lexi (who is a model at Deja Vu Modeling) did a fabulous job. She took direction well, and didn’t once complain about having to pose while precariously balance on a step stool on a hill. Thanks Lexi! You rule.

Here are the final shots:

This post is labeled as part one, because there are a second set of photos from this day which I am still working on. They will be up in the future!

Also, this is likely my last time working with Cheri for quite awhile. Cheri is moving to Toronto next month! While I’m sad to see her go, I’m also extremely excited for her. She is such a talent, and I’m glad that she is following her passion and making the big move. I wish her tons of happiness and success in Toronto! I’m glad we were able to work together and create some magic before she moved, and hope we can reunite in the future.

Thank you to Cheri and Lexi. You made my vision come to life in the best way- I couldn’t be happier about these photos! (Also, thanks to my mom for letting us borrow her super fancy table cloth. ;))

Thanks for viewing!

much love,


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