Socialite- Shot for Frakas Boutique, ft. Priscilla

I recently did a shoot for Frakas Boutique. I am lucky to have a connection with the boutique and the ability to use their lovely clothing and accessories for shoots. The manager, Rachel Pithart, styled this shoot for us using clothing and accessories from the store.

This shoot started out with a bit of a panic. I arrived at the boutique, checked my phone and found out that the model was sick and had to cancel. I immediately began to go through a mental list of models in the city, trying to figure out which ones might be available last minute.

Fortunately, one of Frakas’ employees is also a model. Priscilla was scheduled to work in the store that day, but we gave her a call (1o minutes before her shift was supposed to start!) to ask if she would be willing to model for the day. Thankfully, she agreed. I was extremely happy to have Priscilla model for us- I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her once previous to this shoot, and she is a stunning model.

This was my first time working with hair and make-up artist Amrit Johnson. Amrit was great to work with and created an amazing look for Priscillia. I’m thankful that Amrit was easy-going and totally fine with the last minute model-change.

One thing I’ve learned through photography (and this industry, in general) is that sometimes you have to go with the flow and make the best of the situation. I’m thankful that my team was able to do the same, and we were able to produce these photos together.

Frakas Boutique for providing all of the clothing and accessories!
Amrit Johnson for styling the hair & make-up
Rachel Pithart for styling
Priscilla D for modeling

Thanks, Team!!



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