Photographing Jen and James’ Wedding

I was first contacted by Jen over a year ago. She had heard about my photography from my mom (our moms work together) and asked me if I’d be available to shoot her wedding.

As someone who was newly graduated from my photography program, I was nervous about photographing a wedding but also excited for the challenge. As someone who works with a lot of self-directed models, I don’t often play much of a director role. I wanted to shoot the wedding as a challenge to myself on giving direction and posing people.
The wedding also challenged my shooting style- I had to shoot both documentary-style photography and formal family shots in one day, two things that I don’t often photograph.
It was also a lesson in working under pressure and meeting deadlines- Two skills which I think are invaluable.

I really think it’s important to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones sometimes. I believe it’s one of the best ways to learn and grow.

I had a year to prepare for the wedding and spent a lot of time getting inspired by wedding photography.  (As someone who lives in the Okanagan, I am surrounded by extremely talented wedding photographers, so this part was easy.)

Although the experience was totally new to me, I was feeling confident on the day of the wedding. I was lucky enough to have help from my friend and fellow photographer Tony Colgur, who was second shooting and assisting me with lighting (and carrying heavy things around because he’s much stronger than me 😉 Thanks Tony!)

I was so happy to be able to work with such an easy-going (and beautiful!) bride. Thank you so much to Jen, James, their family and friends.

I learned a lot from the experience and am very happy with the final results from the day.


ImageImageImageImageImage“Tebowing”ImageImageThe centre pieces had photos taken from the engagement session I did with Jen and James. We incorporated numbers into each shot to correspond with the table numbers. ImageThese cupcakes were amazing…ImageI made a last minute decision to include a photobooth as a surprise for Jen and James (I was literally cutting out moustaches the night before!) I originally saw this idea on the blog of amazing wedding photographer Kelsey Goodwin (thanks for the inspiration, Kelsey!) I thought the idea was so fun and so perfect for Jen and James’ sense of humour. Everyone loved the idea and joined in on the fun! I had a lot of fun photographing these and I’m so glad I did them because these shots were Jen and James’ favourites too! What a fun group! 🙂 Image

Congratulations to Jen and James- I had a great time meeting you and photographing you and your lovely friends and family!


2 thoughts on “Photographing Jen and James’ Wedding

  1. I shot my first wedding this year too! It was intimidating and exciting at the same time. I also had a photographer friend of mine help me out. It was indeed a learning experience and I really enjoyed it. You did such a beautiful job on your first wedding! The photos are stunning and I love your style. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the comment!
      It’s definitely a great experience as a photographer!
      It’s nice to have help too- I really appreciated having someone there to photograph from different angles. 🙂

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