Shooting with Kourtney

A month ago, I had the pleasure of being contacted by Chelzea from Captured By Chelzea. Chelzea is an amazing photographer from Vancouver, and I was so happy to meet her. She’s a lovely person who had some really nice things to say about my work (thank you so much, Chelzea!)
Chelzea works with Mika Models, and asked me if I’d be interested in working with one of their newer models, Kourtney. I am always interested in meeting and working with new models, so I was happy to have the opportunity.
Kourtney has a fabulous look and Cheri and I were both very inspired by her lovely face!

Cheri was on board as the hair and make-up artist, and Rachel, the manager of Frakas Boutique provided the wardrobe styling. (Thank you both for your fabulous work, as always!)

Despite the fact that it was early March, we managed to have a decent day. (Although maybe not so much for poor Kourtney, who was wearing dresses all day!)
Thanks for being a trooper, Kourtney!

We wanted to do something bold and colorful for spring.
Everything went smoothly and we had a great team- I really enjoyed spending the day with everyone involved.
Thank you to Rachel for coming along to help out with wardrobe changes. Also, thank you to Kourtney’s mom, Kelly, for joining us, and for being nice enough to bring us coffee halfway through the shoot- We needed it! 🙂

This was Kourtney and Kelly’s first trip to Kelowna and I am thankful to them for making the trip to work with me- It was lovely to meet you both and I look forward to working with Kourtney in the future!



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