Going Back to My Roots- A Shoot with Gabbi

I was so excited to be able to shoot with Gabbi recently. Gabbi is one of my favourite girls to work with… She has an amazingly unique look and is so easy to work with. She’s very self directed and comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, we get along really well.

We kept trying to plan this shoot and things kept coming up, causing us to cancel. It worked out well though, because the day of the shoot was gorgeous and sunny.

I was happy Gabbi was willing to do this shoot with me, because it was a bit different from the shoots I usually do. This was a make-up less, wardrobe-less, natural hair shoot.

I’m very fortunate to have so many talented people willing to work with me (models, MUAs, stylists, etc.) and I love collaborating with these people for shoots. However, I find team shoots hard to arrange sometimes… It can be difficult to coordinate three+ schedules when you all work/have school/life, etc…

When I first started shooting, I didn’t have these people to work with. I had my friends (who were/are great!) and we would make things work by ourselves. One of us would do the make up, we’d throw together a wardrobe with whatever clothes they had, then we would march out to some remote forest/field to shoot. (My boyfriend was also the subject of many of my early photographs- Such a good sport, heh.)

I feel like I went back to my early photography roots with this shoot with Gabbi.

These types of photos are the ones that got me into photography in the first place. I didn’t become a photographer because of my love for fashion photography, I became one because of my love for art- for the raw, simplistic beauty of a person.

I began to love fashion photography and my portfolio began to change and grow accordingly, but I do still love photos like these, and I do still want to make time for them.

Thank you for shooting with me, Gabbi! You did an amazing job.


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