Kevin and Katherine with Abercrombie

I was recently invited to accompany Kevin and Katherine of Kevin Trowbridge Photography to a shoot they were producing for Project Equus.

Project Equus is an organization which is dedicated to rescuing and helping wild horses in British Columbia. Many of the wild horses in B.C. are  captured and brought to auction to be sold (often for meat). Project Equus’ goal is to save these horses and make them available for adoption to loving homes.

Kevin and Katherine were interested in bringing awareness to this amazing organization, and I was thrilled when they invited me along to take some photographs.

I was initially a little bit nervous about this shoot because I have never shot with horses (or even been around them, really) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I was also excited at the chance to try something new. I was pleasantly surprised by Abercrombie (the horse we were shooting with). He was a very gentle horse and was great to be around and work with. He is also beautiful- He has one dark eye and one ice-blue eye. He is currently up for adoption, and I’m confident he will find a forever home.

Since Kevin and Katherine are often the ones taking the photos, they asked me to take some photographs of them together. This was a fantastic experience for me, as I have little experience photographing couples.

I had fun working with Kevin and Katherine. They are very talented photographers, and I definitely recommend checking out their website. I love their style and especially their beautiful engagement shoots!

Thank you to Kevin and Katherine for inviting me to your shoot! I’d also like to thank Theresa Nolet, the Project Equus member who was on hand to help us with Abercrombie (and also help hold reflectors.) Thank you Theresa, for your help on the shoot and also for all of your hard work with Project Equus- You are an inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Kevin and Katherine with Abercrombie

  1. Kait thank you for sharing these photos! I so enjoyed meeting you and Kevin and Katherine! It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes to produce a beautiful photograph, and these are just stunning! WOW! Abercrombie is such a beautiful and special horse, I hope your photos will help to get him the special home he so deserves. For anyone who wishes to learn more about Project Equus they can email me at
    Theresa Nolet Project Equus co-ordinator

  2. Abercrombie the wonderful horse shown in these photos passed away of unknown causes in November of 2012 so it is so special that he was immortalized in these spectacular photos. He was a truly incredible horse and I thank you for these incredible photos.

    1. I am very sorry to hear of Abercrombie’s passing, Theresa. He was an incredible horse- I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and photograph him. He will be missed.

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