The Island

At the beginning of November, I took a little trip to Vancouver Island.
My good friend Meg had recently moved to Tofino, and I decided to get away for ten days and go visit her.

In a way, I was running away. At the time, I was feeling completely creatively drained. I wasn’t taking photos and I wasn’t even trying to plan shoots, really. I just felt like I needed a little time to focus my energy elsewhere. I felt like I was trying to force myself to think creatively, to get inspired, to shoot, and it just wasn’t working.

So I took off to Victoria, where Meg and I spent a couple of days before driving back to Tofino.
I brought along my digital camera, of course, but also my film SLR.
Shooting film was a nice change. I almost exclusively photograph people when I’m shooting digital. Shooting film made me break up this habit a little bit and take photos where I normally wouldn’t.

It was a fantastic trip and I’m happy that I took these photos because they hold a lot of nice memories.

I find that photography has become such a collaborative process for me. As someone who shoots a lot of fashion, I am constantly working with others. While I do enjoy collaborating with these individuals, I find it’s also nice to do something strictly for yourself once in awhile.
The whole reason I got into photography was because it was an artistic outlet for me. It’s nice to go back to those roots sometimes and just… Shoot. For the hell of it. Not to please or impress anyone. Not to worry what other people might think about my work. Not to spend hours editing. Just to shoot, for me.
Will these photos end up in my portfolio? Probably not, but that’s okay. They probably don’t mean much to anyone who wasn’t there, but they mean something to me.

Any photographers who might be reading this- I encourage you to pick up a film camera (I know most of you have at least one of those lying around somewhere) and shoot through a roll. For you.


One thought on “The Island

  1. My favourite place on earth. Although Argentina is a continual spectacle of the unfamiliar, it only sharpens my homesickness to see photographs like this. So so glad too that Meg is enjoying Tofino.

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