Water Colours

The “Water Colours” shoot… In all honesty, this shoot was the most expensive, time consuming and frustrating shoots I have ever done. That’s okay though- It was a great experience, I got to work with an amazing team and I’m so happy with the images we created.

This shoot was my very first experience working with Cheri Chung. Cheri and I had met for coffee previous to this to discuss some shoot ideas. The idea for this shoot was a total collaboration that evolved and changed until we ended up deciding on a nautical theme. We then both spent some time and some money collecting various props for our four themed looks- Pirate, Mermaid, Sailor and Explorer. (Sometimes I’m surprised at the amazing things you can find at Value Village!)

This was also my first experience working with model Sam Parr. This girl is amazing! She was such a beautiful model and so easy going. (She had awoken to a cold that morning, which I didn’t find out until after.)

I love the bold make up looks that Cheri put together for this shoot. The hair is all the more impressive, and it wasn’t easy at all to put together. I’m thankful for Cheri’s patience on this one- it literally took hours. Holding the hair in place is tons of clips and string, for some of the heavier props (the sword and metal fish), we hung them from a light stand and tied them into Sam’s hair.

After a quick shoot, it was back into the chair for Sam to get new make up and new hair. Thank you so much to Sam for sitting in a chair for hours while we pulled on your hair and balanced heavy objects on your head!

I think this was a great introduction shoot for all of us. This shoot went for 12 (if I remember correctly) hours and really showed me the dedication of these two individuals. It’s so great to work with people who share your passion and who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the shots. Thanks so much, Sam and Cheri!

Also- Huge thank you to Tony Colgur who was able to get this studio/equipment for our use.


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