a fresh start…

I have a habit of tearing pages out of my sketch books.

I can’t go into an art store without buying a new sketch book with the idea of ‘a fresh start’… Scraping my previous drawings and emerging as a better artist with a stronger portfolio, a better sketch book. I am constantly starting over, redefining myself as an artist and reshaping my work.

I’ve found that this habit has crossed over into my photography. As my style changes and evolves, I find myself removing old images that at one point, I was proud to display.

My intention has always been to display the work that I feel best represents my style. As this style evolves, I find myself letting go of old work, even beginning to hate it. However, I feel that by constantly trashing my old work, I am destroying an important part of my evolution as an artist and photographer- Progress.

I think it’s important that we keep a map of our progress and remember where we came from and how we’ve grown.

This blog is my new sketch book… It’s a place to display my photography and it’s progress, no matter how good, bad or ugly it may be.

I’m moving forward from this point on.


One thought on “a fresh start…

  1. You know what? Me too!! I think it’s something that all artist-types go through. It’s true, I mean even think back to what we did when we were kids!! It’s all scribbles now but at the time, talk about MASTERPIECES!!! I’m always fascinated when I come across an artist’s (especially photographers’) work and I can see the evolution of their style. When it comes down to it, we will never stop evolving and growing and changing in our art, because, as is for most artists, our work is a reflection of ourselves, our styles, our tastes, our opinions, our emotions, our points of view, our self-image, our professional image… And as people, and WE never stop evolving and growing!! That, and we never stop learning! I say embrace everything you’ve done – mistake or masterpiece! Because all of it is still as true as it was when you did it, it’s just true to then rather than now. I also say never throw out your art, cause you can learn from it and sometimes even be inspired by it seeing it in a different light or with fresh eyes!! I just went through my old makeup face charts and sketches and found SO MUCH inspiration in that! ❤

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